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Radiation Therapist Salary | Radiation Therapist Income, Education Requirements, Overview

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Radiation therapist salary & job details:
Radiation therapists administer radiation therapy to patients, as prescribed by a radiologist. They also perform many other important duties, such as operating specialized machines. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (in 2014), the average salary was $83,710 and the average hourly wage was $40.25 per hour.

In this article/video, you’ll learn the job duties of a radiation therapist, the average salary for all 50 states, the education requirements, and the job likes and dislikes.

Topics covered in video:
–Radiation therapist job duties (“a day in the life of a radiation therapist).
–Radiation therapist education requirements (“how to become a radiation therapist”), including the types of radiation therapist programs available.
–Radiation therapist certification and licensing overview.
–Radiation therapist job likes and dislikes.
–Radiation therapist salary and income information, including average hourly wage, average salary, top paying states, top paying industries, and more.

Radiation therapists are not the same as x-ray techs (we have a video on that, too–see below). These individuals work under the direction of physicians and radiologists to administer radiation therapy.

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