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Self Employed Mortgage: How To Get Approved

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If you’re self-employed, there’s no need to fear getting a mortgage! We’ll walk through the steps you need to take and the 2 types of loans that will help you qualify for a mortgage.

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0:37 Why is self-employment income different?
0:59 What lenders want to see
1:50 Where self-employed buyers get in trouble
3:22 2 types of loans
4:23 Impact of tax write-offs
4:53 Net vs gross income
5:12 Documents needed
6:26 Interest rate on traditional loans
7:31 2 main types of portfolio loans
9:32 Down payment requirement for portfolio loans
9:54 Credit score on portfolio loans
10:09 Rates for portfolio loans
11:01 How to prep tax documents with your lender
12:29 Adding a co-signer to help out
13:40 Refinancing out of a portfolio loan


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