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5 Mistakes to AVOID when refinancing – NEW Mortgage Refinance Update

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5 Mistakes to AVOID when refinancing – NEW Mortgage Refinance Update // Are you in the process of refinancing your mortgage? Are you aware of the questions you should ask your mortgage broker when doing a mortgage refinance? In this mortgage update video, I discuss 5 mistakes to avoid when refinancing that you should avoid or at least keep in mind when going through the process of refinancing your home loan.

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5 common mistakes when refinancing

1. Not shopping other mortgage brokers for a better interest rate and fees
2. Only paying attention to the interest rate
3. Not calculating your break even point
4. Going back into a 30 year fixed loan
5. Bottom fishing and waiting to refi looking for a lower interest rate

I hope this housing market mortgage update provides you with insight on refinancing and what you should do if you are considering taking advantage of lower interest rates to lower your mortgage payment or do a cash out refinance.

Please let me know your thoughts below: what are your predictions for the housing market 2020 forecast and the housing market 2020 california? Do you believe that interest rates will go even lower? Are you one of those that believe there is a real estate bubble or a housing market crash 2020 coming? If so, why do you believe that

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