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Home Buying Process: Step 1

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Website: https://atlantichomeloans.com/loan-officer/ppetronzio/

Email: ppetronzio@atlantichomeloans.com

With ten years of experience as a Financial Advisor and currently as a Senior Mortgage Banker, I help clients navigate the most important financial decisions in life. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, your next home, or an investment property, my expertise and personal attention will assure you receive the best possible solution for your specific needs.

Professional Background: As a Financial Advisor at top companies like Bank of America and Morgan Stanley, I performed a variety of individualized services for clients including estate, generational, income and tax planning, asset preservation, and the development of individualized portfolios tailored to a client’s investment size. During this time, I managed cumulative assets of $300 million for clients while creating and implementing strategies for executive clients to reduce and diversify company stock. As an experienced advisor, I was also responsible for supervising, recruiting and training a six-member team of sales assistants, interns and financial advisors.

Working as a Quantitative Analyst at ICE (Intercontinental Exchange), I worked on the OTC Derivatives & Fair Value Equities Desk, a position which came with a variety of responsibilities; generating evaluated pricing on Credit Default Swaps and Interest Rate Swaps, and educating clients in the use of ICE Data Services products and evaluation methodology. I also led presenting and performing due diligence services for clients, their auditors and Board of Directors meetings, maintaining knowledge of the market forces impacting financial markets to determine the precision of the model’s valuations, statistical analysis and financial modeling, machine learning, time series analysis, Monte Carlo analysis, regression analysis, and back testing.

Most recently, I worked as a Financial Engineer in business development at RiskVal, a firm that creates modeling software for the global interest rate market. At which I created a new division consisting of sales and account managers and a new brand awareness, through marketing, sales materials, and sales replication. To cultivate brand awareness, I developed relationships with existing client base at all levels of the hierarchy.

I have a major in Finance and a minor in Mathematics from the University of South Florida and a Masters Degree in Financial Engineering from NYU.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/peter_your_mortgage_banker/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/peter.your.mortgage.banker

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PeterPetronzio


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